eTool V4 is where we really want to get serious about our LCA software and methodology. In this version we want to align our database structure with industry standards for BIM, allow integration with 3D design tools for automatic comprehensive LCAs. Another exciting development for eTool V4 is a re-structuring of our impacts database that will allow reporting on a host of environmental impacts (not just carbon, energy and cost). The vision here is that eTool will enable a designer to plan their building in a 3D modelling tool, send the design to eTool and produce an LCA comparison with an applicable benchmark accounting for a host of sustainability metrics to ensure the balance is right. eTool is discussing this phase of development with third parties presently. The timing of V4 is largely reliant on our customer numbers, market interest and funding. If you’re a current customer of eTool and already like what you see, keep using us and things will only get easier, faster and more affordable.