Results Summary

For this study whole-of-building whole-of-life Global Warming was modeled. The result is 44kg CO2-eq/m2 Gross Floor Area/year, which represents a 38% reduction in whole-of-life impacts compared with a BAU reference.

Over the life span, it is expected this building will emit 574 tCO2e less than the BAU case whilst providing the same functionality.

This is equivalent to:

  • 3,443 Trees planted
  • 151 Cars taken off the road for a year
  • 17,000,000 Balloons of CO2 gas removed from the atmosphere

In the operational stage of the building, and thanks to reduced energy demand in lighting, natural ventilation and installation of a 5 kW Solar PV system, the building will be responsible for 28kg CO2-eq/m2 Gross Floor Area/year, representing a 49% reduction compared to BAU.

The results have been driven by life cycle benefit’s of the various features considered and finally introduced to the building to reduce whole-of-life impacts, as modeled by eTool.

Project features

The simple yet effective strategies featured in the building which contribute to the reduced whole-of-life impact include: lightweight construction, Solar PV electricity generation, efficient lighting zoning, reduced use of carpet, timber framing in place of steel or concrete and operable upper level windows which provide natural ventilation.

This assessment was conducted by Stockland and certified by eTool.