Meridian Apartments – Builton

The Meridian Apartments on Charles Street are another example of a development striving for sustainability under the City of Vincents’ planning requirements.  Located 10 minutes by bus (or bicycle) from Perth city, it incorporates renewable energy technology, clever energy efficiency measures for individual homes and common areas and a long design life.

The development offers 50 one and two bedroom luxury apartments offering a sustainable city location with local amenities including restaurants, parks and amenities just a few minutes by bike or foot. 

  • Date: September 2013
  • Developer: Handle Property Group
  • Builder: Builton
  • Architect: Macdonald Jones
  • Location: Charles Street, North Perth

Results Summary

Impact AreaTotal CO2e / Year / occupant (kg CO2e)% Saved Against BenchmarkeTool Medal
Embodied Carbon74149 %
Operational Carbon93863 %Gold_medal
Total Carbon1,67958 %

Project features

Design life

The Meridian apartments consist of 50 high quality design apartments located on Charles Street halfway between Leederville and Mount Lawley and within 10 minutes bus ride or cycling of the city. High density and future proofing architectural design gives an estimated 150 years design life in eTool. The estimated occupancy for the whole development is 80 occupants divided into 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Energy Efficiency

eTool have been appointed during the early planning stages of the project  and have highlighted a number of areas that offer easy wins. The individual electrically powered hot water boilers will now be powered using gas. Occupants will also have gas oven and hobs over the more carbon intensive electric option.

The apartments are designed to ensure good cross-flow ventilation which combined with the implementation of ceiling fans should allow for minimal use of air conditioners.

Common Energy Use

Multi-residential apartment buildings have high demand for electricity due to common lighting, car park lighting, car park ventilation and lifts. Electricity costs can have a significant impact on occupants’ strata fees if an intelligent design is not implemented. The Meridian apartments incorporate motion sensors with automatic timers to prevent unnecessary electricity consumption when car park is not in use. One car park bay is provided per apartment which limits the size of the car park area and associated lighting and ventilation loads as well as encouraging sustainable transport.

Renewable Energy

The 4 storey development meets the golden ratio in terms of roof space available per apartment. An extensive 100kW solar PV system will comfortably fit on the flat roof that offsets a large proportion of the apartments and common electricity use.  Developments built to 5 plus storeys tend to have proportionally less roof space available for PV per apartment and hence have a smaller practical opportunity to off-set their electricity consumption.  That said, there are obvious indirect carbon savings to building higher density such as ease of transport.

This assessment was conducted by Pat.