Results Summary

Sustentech’s progressive approach included doing the first whole of building life cycle assessment (LCA) for a retail store in Brazil. Sustentech designers Cinthia Kawano and Pamella Kahn were trained to use eToolLCD software and were responsible for conducting the study.  The assessment was conducted post project completion and the results demonstrated a 32% savings in GWP (Global Warming Potential), which measures whole of building whole of life equivalent greenhouse gas emissions compared to the ASHRAE reference case. The total estimated life cycle savings is 576 tCO2e over a period of 60 years which is equivalent to 2,880 trees planted.

Environmental Impact IndicatorUnitImprovement over Reference %
Global Warming Potentialkg CO2 e/m2              32

  • Date: December 2015
  • ESD/Sustainability: Sustentech

Sustentech’s integrated design approach

“By conducting a whole of building analysis, we were able to see how everything interacts in one model, from the product stage through construction, use phase and end of life. It highlighted the importance of having different departments working together using an integrated design approach”, described Cinthia Kawano. Pamella Kahn was also impressed with the tool and the outcomes: “It’s so important for Sustentech to get engaged right from the beginning of the project to test different scenarios and provide the client with the most cost effective solutions that will have a greater environmental improvement.”

Building Environmental Performance International Standards

The LCA model created by Sustentech using eToolLCD is aligned with the International Standards ISO14044 and EN15978 and it was independently review by eTool Australia. The software is capable of analysing performance of multiple impact indicators using local data for energy and water grids, and international data set for materials. “I see a great opportunity for designers in Brazil to use the software in house and to add value to their services by providing the ultimate integrated design and also achieving extra points in their Green Building certifications. They can also leverage off eTool’s experience as they have completed over 300 whole of building LCA studies worldwide” says Henrique Mendonça, eTool Business Development Manager.

This assessment was conducted by Cinthia Kawano and Pamella Kahn, Sustentech.

Certified by Henrique Mendonca, eTool.