An eTool LCA was conducted on the design for Stevens St, White Gum Valley during 2010 and the project was completed in late 2011. Since completion, Stevens Street has been praised for its sustainable credentials and in 2012 was awarded a number of accolades from the AIA both the WA chapter and nationally.

The summarised results of this project:

Total CO2e / Year / occupant (kg CO2e)% Saved Against BenchmarkeTool
Materials13473 %
Assembly, Transport
and Recurring Impact      
14434 %
Operational Carbon-286112 %
Total CarbonZero100 %

Project features

  • High design life due to increased density compared to surrounding suburbs and high quality custom architectural design
  • Rammed recycled concrete walls
  • Polished concrete floors and natural coloured finishes of rammed walls (less recurring energy of finishes)
  • Local materials suppliers and tradestaff
  • Excellent thermal performance due to solar passive design, high thermal mass and quality insulation.
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Energy metering
  • 6kW Solar PV system

In 2012, Stevens Street won awards for sustainability and multi residential architectural design from the AIA, read an update on the project here.

To find out more information on this building and others like it, please contact the developers, EarthCare or the architect Officer Woods.

Alternatively, please contact eTool to arrange a cost effective assessment or training on how to achieve best practice in low carbon building design.

This assessment was conducted by Richard Haynes and Alex Bruce.

All images produced by Robert Frith.