Results Summary

The total global warming potential (GWP) impact was calculated to be 1,590,119 kg CO2-eq.

In terms of the functional unit, which is 1 m2 of gross floor area per year, the total impact is 9.1 kg CO2-e per m2 GFA per year.

To put these numbers in context, a few average (embodied) impacts to compare against;
• A typical small office has an impact of 15.5 kg CO2-e per m2 GFA per year
• A typical large office building is 19.5 kg CO2-e per m2 GFA per year
• A similar Living Building Challenge building has an impact of 11.9 kg CO2-e per m2 GFA per year

The Te Kura Whare has taken on the Living Building challenge and achieved a remarkable result; It has a significantly lower embodied impact than functionally equivalent buildings.

This assessment was conducted by Tom Beckerling and certified by Henrique Mendonca from eTool.