A Sustainable Community

The Green Swing is a made up of a group of committed and forward-thinking Perth residents who set out to build three low carbon homes on the same plot of land, creating a low carbon & sustainable community. Their goal is to create small scale inner city living environments in Perth which:

  • Are the most sustainable;
  • Promote community feel and encourage creativity;
  • Are of high quality;
  • Become a showcase for future increased density sustainable development; and
  • Generate interest and inspire real change.

The Green Swing engaged eTool to conduct full life cycle assessments on all three of their buildings in Lathlain and the buildings performed exceptionally and sustainability incorporated into the design from the very beginning was evident. This case study is a profile of the best of the three buildings.

Results Summary

Impact AreaTotal CO2e / Year / occupant (kg CO2e)% Saved Against BenchmarkeTool Medal
Embodied Carbon60534%Silver_medal
Operational Carbon-1,136140%Platinum_medal
Total Carbon-531108%

Project Features

Low Carbon Structure

The building was designed with low embodied structure materials including straw bale walls, recycled bricks and timber.

High Density

The three homes are significantly more dense than the surrounding suburb, meaning that there is less likelihood of the developments being demolished in the future.

Thermal Performance

An exceptional thermal performance means that there is no requirement for cooling and/or heating of the building.

Photovoltaic System

A solar PV system allows for renewable energy generation, with excess generation fed into the grid, offsetting coal-fired electricity.

Low Carbon Finishes

Most of the finishes in this design are natural, meaning there was a decrease in use of plaster and paint and their associated recurring embodied carbon.

Passive Solar Design

Designed with passive solar design principles, the buildings require no heating or cooling.

This assessment was conducted by Rich

Rich Haynes