Zero Carbon Challenge Winner

Team Collaborative Future, now TS4 Living,  offered an intelligently designed house that was attractive, sustainable and comfortable, all within the $335,000 build budget. As part of Renewal SA’s Zero Carbon Challenge, we trained the Collaborative Future team to conduct their own LCA and certified the results which decided the winner of the competition.

Since winning the Zero Carbon Challenge and the People’s Choice Award, TS4 Living have built their winning design at Lochiel Park Green Village in Campbelltown and are now working on a second house in Lochiel Park, which will be built to the same zero carbon standards.

  • Assessment : January 2012
  • Completion : August 2013
  • Project Team : TS4 Living
  • Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Results Summary

Total CO2e / Year / occupant (kg CO2e)% Saved Against BenchmarkeTool
Embodied Carbon78615 %
Operational Carbon-1,2031141 %
Total Carbon-417111 %

Project features


  • Being a custom architectural design the design life is expected to exceed that of a normal Australian house, hence better use of materials before demolition
  • Excellent use of space, very comfortable design with low material use and land footprint per square metre of fully enclosed building area
  • Low embodied carbon timber frame construction
  • Reduced maintenance with natural finishes such as polished concrete floors
  • Local materials, suppliers, and tradestaff
  • Low carbon assembly techniques (less transport of trade staff to and from the building site)

Operational Energy

  • Low energy use, low carbon, high efficiency evaporative AC unit and bio-fuel heating
  • Evacuated tube solar hot water system with gas boost
  • 3kW Solar PV system that will generate more energy than the house will use
  • Smart household energy management and security system options.
  • The latest energy-efficient lighting, electrical appliances and water fittings

Additional Features

  • Local materials, suppliers, and tradestaff
  • Low carbon assembly techniques (less transport of trade staff to and from the building site)
  • 7.5 star rating thermal performance requiring minimal air conditioning
  • Breathable roof and wall wrap for weather protection and to significantly reduce unwanted air leakage while maintaining indoor air quality
  • Correct site orientation and plan layout to maximise solar-passive strategies
  • Double glazing to all windows and glazed doors to reduce unwanted heat loss and heat gain
  • Superior draught-sealing and weather-stripping around all windows and doors to reduce unwanted heat loss and heat gain
  • Above or in-ground rainwater storage for flushing toilets and garden irrigation
  • Water recycling options

Attend the official launch on Sustainable House Day 2013, or visit TS4’s website for more information.

Alternatively please contact eTool to arrange a cost effective assessment or training on how to achieve best practice in low carbon building design.

This assessment was conducted by Lewis Hewton from Cundall and certified by Richard Haynes.