The only way of really knowing how your building is going to perform is to conduct an LCA.  It is however really important to consider Life Cycle Design approaches before you even start your concept designs.  We have a number of services that cater for this to ensure your design team is given every opportunity to improve the building, from project brief through to commissioning.

Some buildings intrinsically perform better than others.  There’s a multitude of factors at play here, but predominantly it comes down to a few main factors:

  • The thoughtfulness of the brief which is key for achieving high functionality and design life with efficient use of materials and construction effort
  • The energy demand associated with a building’s use
  • The success of the design in reducing this demand
  • The on site renewable energy potential for meeting this demand renewable

The following tables give planners, developers and designers some guidance on reasonable expectations for eTool ratings of commercial office and residential buildings.  The multitude of factors at play mean there can be big variability between otherwise similar projects, for example, the on site renewable generation potential will be significantly hampered with the implementation of roof top gardens or significant set backs for upper floors.  The shape of the building also has a big impact on factors like natural light infiltration, natural ventilation and solar passive performance.  Nevertheless, to set some expectations of what should be possible with different levels of design effort and funding, these tables provide a starting point.

The levels of effort to achieve certain ratings for each class of building are signified by the key on the right hand side.  Additional construction cost estimates have been provided for preliminary budgetary guidance only and include a significant contingency to allow for adverse site, planning or other inherit conditions.  Most projects can achieve their desired rating well within the budgets indicated below.  Please contact eTool and discuss your particular project specifics to get confirmation of any conclusions you may draw from the below tables.

Residential Buildings (Australia)

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.50.19 PM


Commercial Office Buildings (Australia)

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.57.56 PM


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