Other LCA Tools

LCA is awesome! And if using eToolLCD software doesn’t leave you with that feeling then don’t point the finger at LCA, find some software that suits your needs better. Here’s a list of other tools to explore.

BEATDanish Building Research InstituteEurope (Denmark)
Bionova360 OptmiFinland
e-LICCOe-LICCOEurope (France)
eTooleToolGlobal (From Australia)
GaBiPE InternationalGlobal (From Europe)
GreenflyRMIT University
Sustainability Fund (Victoria)
Design Institute of Australia
Global (From Australia)
Impact EstimatorThe Athena Sustainable Materials InstituteNorth America
KlimagassregnskapStatsbygg (Norway)Europe (Norway)
LCA CalculatorIDCGlobal (From UK)
SimaProPRE SustainabilityGlobal (From Europe)
Sustainable MindsSustainable MindsGlobal (From US)
TallyKieranTimberlakeNorth America
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