Life Cycle Design of Buildings: An Introduction & Application in Green Star (recorded webinar)

The use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is gaining greater recognition in sustainability assessment. An LCA credit is embedded as a core credit in the Green Star rating tools Design and As Built v1.2, Interiors v1.2 and Communities v1.1.
Points may now be easier to achieve for some projects provided there’s early engagement of LCA consultants. Points allocation have been adjusted with operational energy reductions capped. Further Additional Reporting initiatives were added with extra points available.
– Design and As Built v1.2 – up to 7 points
– Interiors v1.2 – up to 19 points
– Communities v1.1 – Up to 5 points

This recorded webinar covers the basics of LCA, the eToolLCD software, and how it applies to Green Star – LCA credit.