At eTool, we have worked long and hard to realise a vision of providing the most accessible and user friendly building design LCA software.
Apart from the blood, sweat and tears, we also self financed the development and commercialisation costs. We are committed to providing our software for free to allow:

  • Proliferation of the concepts of LCA (not only in buildings but all of society’s products and services)
  • Allow access to non-commercial organisations to make informed decisions about their buildings designs and renovations
  • Enable designers to run multiple LCA scenarios during a design process

We consequently rely largely on our provision of services for our income and to realise a return on our investment. Before setting our prices we sought quotes for Life Cycle Assessments of building costs, carbon and primary energy from alternative LCA practitioners. The resulting prices were well beyond the budget for most small developments. These services are largely utilised in large or very large building and civil developments with an emphasis on life cycle costs, rather than environmental impacts.

Our prices on the other hand are aimed at offering a service that is easy to budget in for all projects. Residential or commercial, large or small. This strategy aligns with our aim to proliferate the use of LCA in mainstream building design and significantly reduce Australia’s green house gas emissions without reducing quality of life.
To remain viable, eTool relies on a very efficient LCA process, and a high volume of assessments and certifications. Our quotes are quite generic allowing designers, developers and owner/builders to budget for LCAs without providing a mountain of detail. Although our resulting profit margins fluctuate significantly from job to job and we lose money on some jobs, we’re happy that our assessors are spending all their time conducting LCAs not providing detailed quotes. Detailed quotes don’t reduce carbon emissions, LCAs do!

As a result we do not negotiate on price. Our quotes are to provide you with a high quality service at a low cost.  Please don’t be offended if you are refused a discount. We are very confident you will not find a better value service.

For more information about our vision, goals and the way we operate please visit

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