EN15978 Alignment

eTool released a product roadmap in late 2012. One of the first large development projects for eTool LCA was alignment with international standards. This work was undertaken from August to November 2013. EN15978 alignment was achieved with our late 2013 release which also brought all remaining eToolLCD calculations into compliance with ISO14040 and ISO14044. This work was prompted by the uptake of LCA by the Green Building Council of Australia in their Green Star Rating tool. This additional market opportunity gave us the commercial confidence to proceed with this development project.

EN15978 Compliance Externally Tested

In late 2013 and early 2014 the consulting arm of eTool conducted three EN15978 compliant LCA reports using the eTool LCA software. These studies were reviewed by Tim Grant from Life Cycle Strategies. Whilst the review process was not conducted on the software itself, during the review process the results, methodology and background data were all scrutinised. All three LCA studies were found to be compliant with EN15978 with the following minor exceptions:

  • Impacts relating to life cycle phase B1 have not been quantified as the standards dictating their calculation are yet to be published (CEN TC 351). Presently impossible to strictly comply to this part of the EN15978.
  • The reported environmental indicators are not all inclusive according to EN15978 recommendations. However, those indicators not reported are highlighted and reasons for not reporting are included in the report.
  • The life cycle phases of B2-B5 (maintenance, repair, replacement and refurbishment) have been aggregated in report. All life cycle phases are however included in the scope of the report and hence the overall results are not affected by this deviation from the requirements of the standard.

eTool LCA was quickly used successfully by our broader user group in a number of studies requiring EN15978 compliance.

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