Upcoming Events

LCD of Buildings: An Introduction & Application in BREEAM

  • eTool LCD Engineer Pat Hermon will be hosting this free one-hour webinar that will cover the basics of LCA, the eToolLCD software, and how it applies within BREEAM and other UK rating schemes. This event occurs every month please register here for next available date.

Life Cycle Assessment Training (Quarterly UK and AU)

  • eToolLCD Introductory (Subscription: Freelancer, Consultant or Specialist)
  • eToolLCD Advanced  (Subscription: Consultant or Specialist)
  • eToolLCD Specialist (Subscription Requirement: Specialist Only)

Click here to view the Course Content for each of our training options:

eToolLCD Advanced Training

This course, which takes place over two half days, is designed to provide a a comprehensive understanding of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology as well as a basic understanding of how to conduct a whole building life cycle assessment using the eToolLCD software. You will be guided through your own practice project through to “certification” level to ensure a full understanding of the concepts and software. Upon completion of eToolLCD Advanced LCA training, you will have first hand experience conducting an LCA as well as an overall understanding of life cycle assessment of the built form. You will also be awarded a certificate of attendance at the end of training (if exam is passed). Ongoing support will be provided through your next project as required, at mutually agreeable times, to get your project to “certification” level. Upon completion of this second “certified” project you will gain Recognised User status.