Hi Roberto, thanks for posting the question. Recently eToolLCD software has been aligned with EN15978 standards for LCA of construction works. Specifically, this standard does deal with LCA of whole buildings. We also have good provision in eTool now for assessing infrastructure. See this release note for more information on this release… There is however no reason why you can’t use eToolLCD for an LCA of part of a building, or some other similar construction structure reasonably accurately. As a user you would have to careful that eTool allows enough detail for your to comply with your study’s cut off rules etc. For conducting LCAs on items like cars or services, eTool would not be at all appropriate, the user interface is not set up for this, and the background data would lack some key items I suspect.

If you’re using eToolLCD for LCAs of building components, my recommendation would be to build up your LCI within the template library, then add your component to the a range of designs to see how the impacts would differ for different sized buildings and different building life spans.