Hi Roberto, thanks for your question. The best way to calculate transport would probably be in a separate design and record your numbers separately. Essentially, I’d “trick” eToolLCD software into giving me the info I needed. If you know the mass of your module (say 10t), to determine the transport impacts:
1) Navigate to a material input screen within a blank design.
2) Add a new material, it doesn’t matter which material you choose as you’ll ignore the life cycle stages that don’t relate to transport.
3) Enter the mass (10,000kg) in the quantity field.
4) Make sure the “Lost or damaged in transport” field is set to zero to ensure you don’t include any manufacturing or waste processing (of the lost goods) in your transport calculation
5) Enter the transport legs (as desired)
6) Fill out other values and hit save, your selections should look something like this
7) You can obtain the transport data from the summary calculation on the right hand side of the screen, see this screenshot